Evaluation of employees

In 2014 the Company completed the revision of the system of employee performance evaluation, which:

  • promotes objectivity and transparency during evaluation
  • consists of procedures taking into account the position, duties and the scope of the work of each employee
  • applies to all executives and employees of the Company
  • is carried out through procedures based on dialogue, cooperation and participation.

Every employee being evaluated shall not only be informed of their evaluation results, but they shall also actively participate in it by exchanging opinions and identifying, in private meetings with their supervisors, the strengths and weaknesses of their performance, as well as ways to improve it and to cover their training needs.

In 2015, new, more user-friendly, evaluation forms will be drawn up, and the evaluation process in its entirety will be carried out electronically. The new employee evaluation system aims to continuously improve the performance of the employees, develop their skills/ abilities and overall promote a high performance culture within the Company.

Remuneration and additional benefits policy

The remuneration and additional benefits policy and corresponding systems have been developed with the purpose to attract, employ and retain experienced people equipped with all the skills and behaviours required to bring about the improvement of individual and, consequently, overall performance. Each employee’s remuneration reflects their educational background, experience, responsibilities and the value/ significance of their position in the labour market.

Furthermore, in order to reward and satisfy its employees, the Company offers a series of additional benefits both for both the employees and for their families

Equal opportunities and respect for human rights

“We respect and support internationally recognised human rights. The Company, within its sphere of influence, shall support and respect the protection of human rights, and shall ensure that any breach or infringement thereof is prevented”.

an extract from the Code of Conduct.

The Company implements an HR management policy, offering equal opportunities without discrimination on the grounds of gender, nationality, religion, age and educational level. Women employed by the Company account for 7.4% of all employees. In 2014 women:

  • account for 10.8% of all employees in Sidenor Steel Industry, men accounting for 89.2%, and
  • account for 4.6% of all employees in Sovel .

In the Company, all employees enjoy equal opportunities with regard to remuneration, personal and professional development. Additionally, the Company prohibits any form of harassment or violence, while procedures, guidelines and mechanisms are being implemented to make sure that such phenomena are prevented at the workplace.

Caring for employees
The Company invests in its people, recognising their fundamental importance for its successful development and the achievement of its business objectives.

The Company provides a work environment free of risks and work-related diseases. Furthermore, the Management focuses on ensuring optimal work conditions and fair remuneration, respecting human rights, diversity and equal opportunities for all employees.

The Company’s human resources related policies and initiatives aim to effectively attract, develop and retain employees. On this basis and by implementing modern selection, education, assessment and remuneration methods special emphasis is placed on:

  • staffing through merit-based selection and assessment systems, depending on the needs and requirements of each job
  • providing equal opportunities for training and career development to each and all employees
  • enhancing the mechanism providing for consistent recognition and rewards, in accordance with the values governing the Company.

Professional development and training
In the Company, professional development is ongoing and is incorporated into everyday work activities. The Company encourages its employees to continue acquiring new and advanced skill by providing training programmes and taking relevant initiatives. In 2014, a total of 3,504 hours were offered.

Training needs are consistently identified and training programmes are regularly assessed so that they can be readjusted in order to respond to the constantly evolving conditions and provide employees with effective and efficient training.

Internships for students
The Company is in regular contact with Greek educational institutions and offers traineeship positions to students. In 2014, three graduate students from tertiary education institutions (ΤΕΙ of Lamia, ΤΕΙ of Western Macedonia and TEI of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace) completed their internships in the Company.

Our people are the key for our success and that is why we systematically invest on our employees’ life cycle. Recognizing our people’s contribution to our business path and future growth, we dynamically keep on applying responsible working practices, seeking to employment insurance. Company’s key priority is to provide a working environment of respect of human rights, diversity and equal opportunities for all the employees.

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