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Incorporation of the Company under the name Viohalco-Sanitas S.A. – Pipes, Sanitary and Heating Products Industry with the purpose to produce steel water pipes, radiators and boilers. Change of name to Sidenor – Steel Products Manufacturing Industry S.A. Listing of the shares of Erlikon (a subsidiary) in the main market of the Athens Stock Exchange.
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The subsidiary Sovel acquires the assets of Metallourghiki Halyps, in Almyros, Magnissia. Listing of Sidenor in the Athens Stock Exchange (Athens Exchange) following its merger by acquisition with listed Erlikon. Certification of the Sidenor Quality Management System according to ISO 9002 (currently ISO 9001:2008).
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– The rolling mill of the subsidiary Sovel begins operation and doubles the Group’s production capacity in rolled products.
– Development and market launch of the new innovative SD concrete reinforcing steel, with improved anti-seismic properties.
– Sovel’s meltshop in Almyros, Magnissia begins operation.
– Acquisition of 75% of the Bulgarian Stomana Industry.
– Certification of the Sidenor Quality Management System for the Thessaloniki and Almyros plants according to ISO 9001:2000.
– Market launch of SD high-ductility grade C concrete reinforcing steel.
– Εμπορική τοποθέτηση του χάλυβα SD υψηλής ολκιμότητας κατηγορίας C.
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Acquisition of majority shareholding in the share capital of Corinth Pipeworks S.A. Sidenor becomes the first Greek steel producer to be awarded the Environmental Management System Certificate (certification according to ISO 14001:2004 for the Thessaloniki and Almyros, Magnissia, plants) Dojran Steel, a subsidiary company in Republic of North Macedonia, starts production of concrete reinforcing steel products.
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– Launching of operations of the ZAO-TMK CPW joint venture production plant in Russia.
– Completion of the first phase of modernisation of the Dojran Steel facilities.
– The new scrap feeding method (consteel) in Sovel begins operation.
– Certification of the Sidenor Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to ELOT 1801:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
– Sidenor is named to the list of 500 new innovative companies, internationally, by the World Economic Forum.
– Stomana Industry’s new rolling mill in Bulgaria begins operation (annual production capacity in long steel products increases to 1,000,000 tons).
– Acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Stomana Industry.
– Acquisition of 34% of the Italian “Automatic Wire Machines”, a company that designs and develops high-tech mechanical applications in the steel production and processing sector.
– Completion of the acquisition of the port facilities in Svishtov, Bulgaria, at a strategic point of the Danube river, through Port Svishtov West, a subsidiary of Stomana Industry.
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  • – Completion of the installation of a new compact mill at Sovel, increasing the production capacity of the rolling mill by 300,000 tons.
  • Inauguration of a logistics centre at Sideral Steel ShPk in Albania.

Spin-off of the industrial sector of Sidenor in scrap recycling for the production of long steel products, contribution of said sector to Depal and change of name to Sidenor Steel Industry.

  • Stomana Industry’s new rolling mill in Bulgaria begins operation (annual production capacity in long steel products increases to 1,000,000 tons).
  • Acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Stomana Industry.
  • Sale of Synthesis™ to Singapore for the production of Sidefor stirrup cages.
  • Agreement between Stomana Industry in Bulgaria and the Japanese Daido Steel Co. Ltd on technical assistance from Daido Steel to Stomana Industry for the further development of the latter’s existing activity of the special steels (SBQs) activity.
  • Tech Excellence Award by “Made in Greece” Awards for the Sidefor Plus product.
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  • An induction furnace for the reheating of billets was put into production at Sovel.
  • Incorporation and launching of SmartReo, a joint venture between Sidenor Holdings and Thiess. The purpose of the Company is towill provide integrated solutions in the prefabrication of reinforcing steel using the Synthesis™ technology, in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Thiess is Australia’s largest building contractor.
  •  In July 2015, the cross-border merger by absorption of the Greek company Sidenor Holdings S.A. by Viohalco S.A. was concluded.
  • Installation of Vacuum Degasser (VD) equipment at Stomana Industry.
  •  Τhe investment of the new induction furnace in the Company’s factory in Thessaloniki has been completed.
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  • Major rolling mill revamping in Dojran Steel plant for the production of a wide range of merchant bars.

  •  Τhe Company proceeded with the sale of its subsidiary Aeiforos S.A. in the company ANAMET S.A.
  • Sale of the subsidiary Prosal Tubes S.A. to Stomana S.A. 
  • Stomana Industry successfully installed a new quenching and tempering line for special bar quality steels.