To be the leading producer of steel products through our people and our technological excellence.

The safe production of steel products and the provision of added-value services to our customers, satisfactory returns to our investors, rewards and a sense of pride to our employees, long-term relationships with our suppliers, and environmental sustainability and development for local communities and society in general.

Our values, main principles, and conduct:

We are leaders

■ We think and operate responsibly throughout all processes (employment positions/duties).
■ We find solutions to problems or we contact the right person with the aim of resolving them. We do not leave any pending matters or issues.

We are real
■ We communicate clearly, simply and with honesty.

Striving for excellence
We are the best

■ Our aim is to become the best globally in our field of responsibility.
■ We do the right thing from the very first moment.
■ We are dedicated to safety and quality.
■ We focus on technological superiority and cost optimisation.
■ We aim to continuously improve our performance.
■ We are professionals.
■ We implement all the Company procedures and regulations.
■ We have all the necessary skills and tools for performing our work.

Team spirit
We work together as one

■ We work as a team and we succeed together.
■ The Company encourages personal responsibility and goal attainment within a team environment.

Making changes

■ We are open to new ideas and we reward them.
■ We are open to change.
■ We set tough targets and we believe we can make a difference.

Continuous development
for our people

■ We offer our people a safe and creative work environment, rewards and tools, so they can become the best in their field.
■ Each employee has clear targets and duties.