To attain outstanding achievement in the production of steel products while creating added value for our stakeholders.


  • We invest in the personal development of our people
  • We support our customers with top quality products
  • We build long-term relationships with our suppliers
  • We place a high value on health and safety at the workplace
  • We contribute to the development of local communities
  • We respect the environment
  • We generate added value for our shareholders

Integrity – Corporate Social Responsibility

We respect both the country’s legal and regulatory framework, and international Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and initiatives, and we operate according to the highest standards of responsibility and business ethics. We acknowledge our obligation to conduct our business safely, to protect the environment, and to support local communities in areas where we operate. We invest in improving quality of life for all, both within and beyond Company boundaries, and we are actively engaged in the process.

We are proud of achieving results at a high standard, whilst simultaneously fostering long-term relations with our customers and suppliers, and we take personal responsibility for this. We focus on the health and safety of our people and we provide a workplace environment that motivates us to be productive and result oriented, enabling each to forge their own path to personal development with passion and integrity.

Focus on results
We focus on generating efficient and reliable solutions that create value for our customers. We show determination and confidence in our potential to maximise productivity in the pursuit of business excellence, whilst simultaneously maximising shareholder value.

Technological leadership and innovation
We focus on technical expertise to maintain high quality results and bring about value-added solutions. We foster constant learning and invest in research and development, cutting edge technologies, modern equipment and know-how, to promote practical pioneering ideas.

Team spirit
We work together in a spirit of cooperation, supporting one another to achieve our common objectives, either as members of a team or as team leaders. We choose to work together, making the most of each one’s skills, ideas and views in the best possible manner. We all work for the benefit of the Group, knowing that responsibility is shared by all.

Justice and transparency guide our actions in all our relationships. We recognise our people for their personality and capabilities and assign them to positions that allow them to make optimal use of their skills and to be appreciated. We think, act and communicate with constancy, consistency and integrity.