ERLIKON produces a complete range of welding electrodes and wires which can reliably meet all the needs of its customers when it comes to welding applications.

As for the Greek market, the electrodes are produced using the know-how of the international firm OERLIKON in accordance with the AWS, EN, DIN and ISO specifications and are accompanied by certificates issued by international certification organisations (ABS, BV, HRS, TÜV, LLOYDS).

The range of welding, hardfacing and cutting applications of steel and other materials covered by our materials is wide and the quality offered meets the strictest requirements of the construction and shipbuilding sectors, raw materials and power industries, as well as chemical and food industries. Various types of electrodes and welding wires are made available for non-alloyed and low-alloyed steels, for fine-grained structural steels, for hardfacing, heat-resistant steels, stainless and heat-resisting steels and also for cast iron and aluminium.

Erlikon logo is the synonym for welding in Greece and the acceptance of its products by end users establishes its leading position in the market. It has been enjoying a market share of over 65% for a number of years while strengthening its commercial network at all times.

In addition to the domestic market, ERLIKON distributes a major part of its welding products abroad (in more than 10 countries in 2013), thus promoting its family of welding products under the trade name SIDEWELD. Having quality as its strongest asset, the ERLIKON welding materials have gained a permanent position in the international markets where they are distributed while being the leaders in some of them (Albania, Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia).