SIDENOR Group, with two modern steel producing plants in Greece (SIDENOR in Thessaloniki and SOVEL at Volos) and one in Bulgaria (STOMANA INDUSTRY at Pernik), has a recycling capacity of over 2,400,000 tones of steel scrap per year, turning them into finished,  ready-to-use steel products.

SIDENOR Group is today the largest steel scrap recycler in Greece and one of the largest in the Balkans. In this way SIDENOR significantly contributes towards the protection of the environment by preserving natural resources and re-using the existing ones.

Additionally, SIDENOR provides the best possible solution to the collection and end use of large amounts of otherwise useless scrap, which if not recycled would be a great burden on the environment (pollution, health, safety, aesthetics and more).

All 3 main SIDENOR Group’s steel production plants (SIDENOR, SOVEL, STOMANA INDUSTRY) apply an Environmental Management System certified according to the ELOT ΕΝ ISO 14001:2004 standard