With more than 55 years of industry know-how and expertise in steel, Sidenor, Stomana Industry and their subsidiaries constitute the steel production and trading segment of Viohalco offering high quality and innovative solutions to their customers.

Sidenor is a leading producer of steel products in South East Europe. Its extensive product portfolio, which includes long, flat and downstream steel products, is manufactured across nine facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Republic of North Macedonia .

Project locations span Germany, the Balkans, Algeria, Israel and the U.S.A. Sidenor Group is a global supplier providing a full range of solutions in the steel sector, to cater to the complex needs of its clients worldwide.

The key features of the products of Sidenor, Stomana Industry and their subsidiaries are:

■   outstanding quality; strict adherence to applicable standards and regulations

■   excellent customer service due to extensive sales and logistics network

■  innovative characteristics, which provide customers and end users with added value

All products are mainly used in major – construction projects, in various industrial applications, in ship-building, in the automotive industry, in the energy sector, etc.