Our people are the key to our success and that is why we systematically invest on our employees’ selection, training, evaluation, development and retention. Recognizing our people’s contribution to our business path and future growth, we dynamically keep on applying responsible working practices, seeking to secure employment. Company’s key priority is to provide a working environment with respect of human rights, diversity and equal opportunities for all the employees.

In the Company, all employees enjoy equal opportunities with regard to remuneration, personal and professional development.


Learning & Development

In the Company, professional development is ongoing and is incorporated into everyday work activities.

The Company provides targeted and customized training activities to develop employees’ skills and capabilities and to respond to the needs of a constantly changing business environment.


Performance Evaluation and Reward & Recognition

The Company has in place an intergraded performance evaluation system where high performance is recognized and employees are empowered to reach or go beyond specific targets. This system is linked with employees’ compensation as well as with their horizontal or vertical development in the Company.

In addition to compensation, the Company has specific benefits schemes that are flexible according to employees grade and seniority.



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All resumes are being evaluated in relation to the Company’s needs and are being assessed by the Human Resources Department in relation to current or future openings.