Communication channels

  • Annual Ordinary General Meeting
  • Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Communication of analysts with Group executives
  • Investor Relations Department
  • Updates and reporting of results on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis

Main issues

  • Profitability and dividends
  • Enhancing competitiveness
  • Containing operating costs
  • Safeguarding the rights and interests of shareholders
  • Responsible Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development


Communication channels

  • Customer service department
  • Constant communication through the Commercial Department
  • Management of complaints
  • Participation in industry expos

Main issues

  • Quality and reliability of products and services
  • Enriching the product portfolio with new innovative and high-tech products
  • Delivery times
  • After-sales support


Communication channels

  • Intranet
  • Employee evaluation process
  • Updates via e-mails and notices on bulletin boards (for workers)
  • Corporate events

Main issues

  • Personal and career development
  • Training programmes
  • Health and safety
  • Employee evaluation system
  • Employee mobility
  • Benefits

Local Communities

Communication channels

  • Communication with local authorities
  • Participation in local events

Main issues

  • Supporting employment by recruiting staff from the local communities
  • Selection of suppliers from the local communities
  • Support of local community actions
  • Protection of the environment


Communication channels

  • Constant communication through the Procurement Department
  • Participation in industry associations
  • Attendance of supplier expos

Main issues

  • Development of new products
  • Certification of products
  • Objective evaluation based on merit
  • Support of local suppliers
  • Payment issues

Authorities – the Public Sector – State

Communication channels

  • Participation in conferences and events organised by the steel industry or of a more general business interest
  • Consultation with representatives of the public sector and of institutional authorities at the national and/or regional level

Main issues

  • Compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework in force
  • Support of State actions and programmes
  • Payment of taxes
  • Export activity of the Group
  • Employment of staff

Important issues resulting from the dialogue with stakeholders are put into good use during the drafting of the Group’s actions aiming to promote cooperation and generate value for each stakeholder group. The information arising from the constant communication with stakeholders is incorporated in:

  • redesigning procedures
  • improving performance in specific areas (products, services, production processes, health and safety at the workplace, environmental performance)
  • enhancing the level of cooperation with each stakeholder group and society at large.

01_02_Corporate responsibility_1600x400_01Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into Sidenor Group’s decision making processes that involve strategy, research and development, the production process, and all of the Group’s business practices in general. The adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility by Sidenor Group also entails supporting local communities wherever Group Companies operate, as well as fostering dialogue with stakeholders.

To this end, Sidenor Group has drawn up a CSR and Sustainable Development Policy, which has been adopted by subsidiaries and defines their main priority axes.

Sidenor Group and its subsidiaries have incorporated the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in their business operations, recognizing that their long-term growth and the prosperity of society at large can only be achieved through Sustainable Development. Care for the Health and Safety of employees, respect and protection of the environment, thorough response to customer needs and harmonious coexistence with the local communities in which the Company operates are key Corporate Social Responsibility issues for Sidenor Group.

The Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Policy of Sidenor Group reflect the Company’s values of responsibility, integrity, transparency, effectiveness and innovation and is defined by the Management, which sees to the following:

  • implementation of the CSR Policy at all levels and across all of the Group’s operating entities,
  • compliance with the legislation in force and full implementation of standards, policies, internal guidelines and procedures applicable to the Company, as well as other commitments, arising from voluntary agreements, endorsed and accepted by the Group,
  • two-way and on-going communication with all stakeholders in order to identify and record their needs and expectations. Development of mutual trust relations with the stakeholders is key in successfully meeting Sustainable Development objectives,
  • providing a safe and healthy working environment for our people, partners and any third party involved,
  • protection of human rights and provision of a work environment of equal opportunities, free from any discrimination,
  • open communication, based on transparency, with all stakeholders,
  • continuing efforts to reduce the environmental footprint, though implementing responsible actions and preventive measures in accordance with best available techniques, to minimise the impact of the Company’s operations on the environment,
  • continuous effort to create added value for stakeholders.

In order to fulfil the above – even beyond formal compliance with the legislation in force – Sidenor Group voluntarily and responsibly has been planning and implementing appropriate programmes, at the same time setting strategic priorities, which focus on the following Corporate Social Responsibility axes:

  1. Economy

Economic growth and corporate governance

Sidenor Group aims to achieve positive financial results, implements a sound Corporate Governance system, and assesses and manages business risks in order to safeguard the interests of shareholders. It develops procedures and takes measures both to enhance transparency and to prevent and combat corruption.

  1. Marketplace

Sidenor Group focuses on achieving best and complete customer satisfaction and invests in Research and Development in order to provide new high quality and value-added products and services, thereby improving its position in an ever-evolving business environment. Moreover, responsible business conduct is also required from the Group’s suppliers and partners.

  1. Environment

In the domain of environmental management, the company applies the principle of prevention and takes systematic steps to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. To protect the environment, the Group implements various programmes for the optimal management of resources, promotes metal recycling, reduction of carbon emissions and waste management.

  1. Society

Human Resources

The Company respects and supports internationally recognised human rights and implements fair reward, meritocracy and equal opportunities policies, free from discrimination, for  all its employees, . It also provides opportunities for ongoing training and development of human resources with respect to its personnel diversity

Occupational Health and Safety

A healthy and safe working environment is a matter of primary importance to the Company. The Company continually takes measures and implements investment plans, aiming at the ongoing improvement of health and safety at work.

Local Communities

The Company designs and implements actions to meet the basic needs of the community in terms of employment, development, education, health, environment, social welfare and culture. It encourages volunteer actions and supports initiatives that help in the development of the local communities, in which it operates.

With regard to all the above key issues concerning Sidenor, we set Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development targets, which are annually assessed for their effectiveness and revised when deemed necessary. The relevant policy, the results of Group performance in Corporate Social Responsibility issues, the implementation of programmes and the attainment of the objectives set are published annually, in order to keep all stakeholders informed. The opinions and viewpoints of stakeholders are taken into consideration in the annual Management Review of all the above issues.