Sidenor is producing a wide portfolio of products that are used in almost every type of building. Apart from the structural structures and reinforcing steel, Sidenor is producing other specialty products as well.
Thus, Sidenor is producing welding wire and electrodes that are used for the joining of steel members and sections like merchant bars, comprising the metal structures and welded galvanized mesh that is used for the prefabrication of wall panels and for fencing of the buildings/installations.

Merchant Bars
Welding Products

Sidenor produces a wide range of products for the construction industry in its factories. Products portfolio ranges from structural elements and steel reinforcement systems for infrastructure projects up to more specialized products.
Stomana Industry is producing the special THN Profiles that are used in forming steel arches that are later used in tunnels for underground. The use of THN Profiles provides a higher resistance and a yielding support.
SIDENOR plant in Thessaloniki is supplying welding electrodes and welding wire that are used for mines structure welding.

Wire Rod
Merchant Bars
Steel Fibers
Welding products
THN profiles