To be the leading producer of steel products through our people and our technological excellence.

The safe production of steel products and the provision of added-value services to our customers, satisfactory returns to our investors, rewards and a sense of pride to our employees, long-term relationships with our suppliers, and environmental sustainability and development for local communities and society in general.

Our values, main principles, and conduct:

We are leaders

■ We think and operate responsibly throughout all processes (employment positions/duties).
■ We find solutions to problems or we contact the right person with the aim of resolving them. We do not leave any pending matters or issues.

We are real
■ We communicate clearly, simply and with honesty.

Striving for excellence
We are the best

■ Our aim is to become the best globally in our field of responsibility.
■ We do the right thing from the very first moment.
■ We are dedicated to safety and quality.
■ We focus on technological superiority and cost optimisation.
■ We aim to continuously improve our performance.
■ We are professionals.
■ We implement all the Company procedures and regulations.
■ We have all the necessary skills and tools for performing our work.

Team spirit
We work together as one

■ We work as a team and we succeed together.
■ The Company encourages personal responsibility and goal attainment within a team environment.


Making changes

■ We are open to new ideas and we reward them.
■ We are open to change.
■ We set tough targets and we believe we can make a difference.

Continuous development
for our people

■ We offer our people a safe and creative work environment, rewards and tools, so they can become the best in their field.
■ Each employee has clear targets and duties.

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Spirit

Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics combined with our rules of corporate governance and our policies, provide the framework for our corporate operations. It is in line with ISO 26000 and the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, which aims to align businesses with human rights, labour, environmental care and anti-corruption principles. The principles of our Code are based on the OECD guideline for multinational enterprises.

Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics contains fundamental principles, rules and core values which form the framework for our corporate actions. This set of standards describes the behaviour we expect of our people, as well as the way we conduct our business with our partners and third parties.

Sidenor conducts its business in a framework of relevant laws, regulations and internal policies. However, we recognize that this may not govern all behaviour. We feel it is important for all our customers, suppliers and our own people, as well as other stakeholders, to understand exactly what we stand for and how they can expect us to conduct ourselves.

The combination of our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and the Corporate Principles provide an excellent foundation for creating the trust that plays a key role in our sustainable business success.