Sidenor produces weldable high strength concrete reinforcing steel and wire rod, that are further used for the production of different type of mesh. The main types of mesh produced by our company consist of:

· SIDEFIT Special Mesh

These Special Mesh Reinforcements are intended to meet all reinforcement needs that exist in technical and construction works. They are applied mainly to form a reinforcing grid for surface structures. Moreover, they can cover all special needs of transverse reinforcement for linear supporting structures, which are not covered by the standard range of SD column mesh reinforcements.

· SD Stirrup Reinforcement Mesh

This is used for beam, column and shear wall stirrups and is produced from straight rebars. The stirrup cages are then formed in fabrication sites or in job site, leading to high precision in geometry, stirrup distances and stability. The forming of the stirrup cages from SD mesh is considerably faster, accurate and covers most of the cross-section geometries of beams, columns and shear walls, offering high precision in design execution with high productivity and overall quality.

· SD Wire Mesh

SIDENOR produces a wide range of wire mesh. Wire mesh sheets are manufactured from welded transverse and longitudinal wires cold-drawn from SAE 1010 wire rod. The diameters of the wires range from Ø4.0 to Ø10.0mm in various external dimensions. Other sizes and configurations can also be produced upon request.