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Sidenor S.A. announces that its Board of Directors as well as the Boards of Directors of its subsidiaries, namely Sovel S.A., Erlikon S.A., Praksys S.A. and Etil S.A. decided on March 27, 2020, the temporary suspension of their main production activities, assigning their employees a non-active status, for one month starting from April 2, 2020 and [...]

SIDENOR: Entrepreneurship award at the ‘Creative Greece Awards 2019’

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SIDENOR was presented with an award at the "Creative Greece Awards 2019" Business Excellence Forum, which was organized by New Times Publishing and took place on Thursday 4 April 2019. SIDENOR Steel Industry S.A. was selected among others as one of the Greek companies that supports innovative entrepreneurship worldwide. The award was received by Mr. Nikolaos [...]


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On April 29, 2015, the Boards of Directors of the Belgian company Viohalco S.A. (Viohalco) and the Greek company Sidenor Holdings S.A. (Sidenor Holdings), both holding companies with no production activity, elected the merger of the two companies as the most appropriate technical solution for strengthening the capital structure of the steel producing companies and plants [...]

Installation of the new Vacuum Degasser – VD

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As part of Sidenor Group's ongoing investment plan to achieve enhanced quality and product innovations, the installation of the new Vacuum Degasser - VD was successfully completed at the Stomana Industry plant in Bulgaria. The degasser was put into operation in the end of 2014 and brought about spectacular improvement in the quality of steel produced [...]